Best of Twitter – July, 2014

Best of Twitter – July, 2014

Best of Twitter – July, 2014
by Josh Lowry

A summary of my tweets and re-tweets during the month.

  • A strong leader accepts blame & gives the credit. A weak leader gives blame & accepts the credit. – John Wooden
  • All great companies recognize they are really in the business of hiring and retaining great people. @JohnMaeda
  • Average win rate of forecasted take it to the bank deals is 45.9%. @JillKonrath
  • Awesome meeting Clint Dempsey in Kirkland this afternoon. Great guy! @Josh_Lowry
  • Concern yourself with your direction, not your perfection. @SteveGutzler
  • Do not spend time thinking about what is wrong with you; instead, focus on what is right about you. @JoelOsteen
  • Doers make mistakes. @ValaAfshar
  • Effective listening is crucial to effective leadership. Try to wait before jumping-in with a fix.” @SteveGutzler
  • Emulate to learn, but innovate to earn. @Mark_Sanborn
  • Experiment continuously + measure relentlessly + learn = agility. @Werner
  • Find investments that cash flow no matter what kind of market you are in. They exist. @TheRealKiyosaki
  • Germany celebrates as they become first European team to win World Cup on South American soil. @WSJ
  • Germany defeats Argentina 1-0 in World Cup final. @BloombergNews
  • Great day at the 2014 Columbia Cup hydroplane races in Tri-Cities, WA. @Josh_Lowry
  • I was not planning to watch Sharknado2 tonight. Two hours later, I am hooked. @Josh_Lowry
  • If u want success get comfortable w being uncomfortable. If it were easy, everyone could do it. @TheRealBradLea
  • Microsoft has 90% market share for PCs, but only 14% for total devices. Big potential for growth. – Kevin Turner
  • Microsoft rebranded: productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. @Josh_Lowry
  • Microsoft to cut 18,000 jobs (14%) as CEO Satya Nadella streamlines company for cloud era. @BloombergNews
  • Microsoft to cut 18,000 jobs – deepest cuts in technology firm’s 39-year history. @BBCBreaking
  • Some things money cannot buy; e.g., friends who lift you up in your time of need. Be that friend! @SteveGutzler
  • Succeeding in the new world means we must continually change. @Tiffani_Bova
  • The only difference is they settled. – Jordan Belfort
  • The team you build is the company you build. @SteveCase
  • To be a strong leader cultivate strong relationships. Make people your priority – build into them. @MikeMyatt
  • Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. – Margaret Fuller
  • Today’s pivot courtesy of MSFT: From devices and services to productivity and platform. @CounterNotions
  • We are excited Josh Lowry has joined the company as a board advisor. @QuantumVerseInc
  • When you have 14% market share, you have to have a challenger mentality. – Kevin Turner
  • When you judge yourself hard, you tend to judge others hard too. Do so at ur own risk. @Josh_Lowry
  • When your stakeholders give you ideas do not insult them. Just say, thank you. @CoachGoldsmith
  • Would a big round of Microsoft layoffs be good for Seattle’s startup community? @PSBJ
  • You have enemies? Good. You have stood up for something, sometime in your life. – Winston Churchill

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