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    In addition to formal education in leadership, we have spent our careers advising C-Level Executives and others on key strategic, leadership and management issues and making those decisions ourselves.  Our industry experience spans across Management Consulting, Military Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Non-Profit Leadership and Corporate Leadership over 3 Decades.  We have enjoyed great successes, adversity and sometimes, failures.  Now, we are sharing our lessons learned to the millions out there who want to take their leadership to a whole new level.

    Our Approach

    Our approach is simple, we lead beyond the euphemisms.  We will cultivate and encourage your ability to think and apply sound judgement, to cut through the morass of issues and see situations and your options with greater clarity, so you can move onward and upward with confidence.

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    We have some of the best strategists and innovative thinking on the planet.  We have capabilities that our team was born with.  And, like many of you, we have developed cutting edge expertise in areas you can only learn through experience, both success and failure, and careful, intentional reflection with the benefit of hindsight.  We guarantee that by coming back to Leadership Maverick and subscribing to our articles, you will learn things and hear perspectives that you will not hear anywhere else.  You do not want to miss a single article.

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